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Is Your Addiction Negatively Affecting Your Life?

No matter how much you want to turn your life around, does it seem as though you are a prisoner to your addiction? Have you continued to drink or use despite negative consequences to your mood, behavior, job and relationships?

Perhaps you’ve experienced a traumatic event, an abusive relationship or some sort of loss. At first, substances helped you to forget the anguish, but now they seem to be the cause of even more pain. It may feel as though you only find a sense of contentment in alcohol or drugs.

Maybe you also feel shamed into hiding your addiction from those around you. It may be that your once strong and compassionate support group is showing up less often, and you are beginning to feel isolated and alone. You may feel as though you’re no longer capable of achieving your goals or fitting in with normal society, and as a result, you make reckless decisions without fear of consequence. Even though you want to live a “normal” life, you might be struggling to find your purpose.

You may have every intention to straighten out—maybe you’ve even tried—but the continual triggers, stressors and peer pressures lead you to use again. It’s also possible that a fear of withdrawal symptoms is enough to keep you engaged in your dependence. 

Do you wish you could move through the day without the constant desire to drink or use? Are you searching for a way to stay sober and reconnect with others again?



Addiction Is A Disease That Afflicts Many People


If you are struggling with a dependence on marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, opioids or another substance, you are not alone. Research shows that Colorado is experiencing a problem with the most widely abused intoxicants, and 85 percent of users go untreated. According to national data compiled by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 1 in 13 individuals are not receiving the drug and alcohol treatment they need. 

Like many people struggling with a dependence on drugs or alcohol, you may long to escape the cycle of addiction. Perhaps, despite your best efforts, external triggers have a way of leading you back to the habit. Relapse can cause you to feel like a failure, when in fact it is a typical part of recovery.

It’s very common to feel there is no way your friends and family members could possibly understand what you’re going through, and to start surrounding yourself with others who share your addiction. You may be living a double life so you can hide your habit from those who matter the most to you. But, very few people can keep up such a façade forever.

The truth is, addiction is a disease. It can compel you to make choices that don’t align with what you really want. It can even start to take over your sense of self.

But, you are not alone, and you are not your addiction. The good news is that with the help of an addiction counselor, you can manage your dependence and live a sober and fulfilled life.

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With Treatment, Substance Abuse Recovery Is Possible


When considering treatment options, finding the right approach that matches your personal recovery goals is critical to your success.

I specialize in several treatment modalities, including Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Eye Movement and Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Relational Culture Therapy and Narrative Therapy. Because I have a vast knowledge of a variety of drug and alcohol treatment options, you and I have a unique opportunity to select an approach that works specifically for you.

Once we begin therapy, we’ll focus on understanding what role your addiction plays in your life. Often times, addiction is a symptom of an underlying pain. Together, and at a pace that feels comfortable for you, we will delve into that root cause and begin to repair the issue that started the addiction in the first place.

To create a more sustainable recovery, I will encourage you to find a support system. We will examine ways you can reengage in your passions and your community, whether it’s through volunteering, arts, schooling, hiking or yoga. Searching out advocates doesn’t need to be scary—there are many nontraditional and creative solutions to finding a healthy support structure. And, with help, it’s possible for you to rediscover who you really are—without addictive behaviors.

I have worked for over 6 years in areas of addiction and substance abuse recovery, trauma and forensics. In my role as an alcohol and substance abuse counselor, I have seen the profoundly positive impact addiction treatment has on individuals, families and the community. I am a licensed clinical social worker and addictions counselor, and I have dedicated my life’s work to help those struggling overcome this illness.

There is no magic cure to addiction. Addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease, and recovery is a life-long process. However, if you are prepared for the hard work involved with substance abuse treatment, I would be honored to go through this journey with you. Together, we will survive the upsets and celebrate the victories on your way to recovery. 


You May Have Concerns about Substance Abuse Treatment…


If I admit I have a problem, people will judge me.  

You may not feel ready to admit there is a problem. It’s ok to be ambivalent about treatment. In fact, this uncertainty one of the stages in change or recovery. Right now, you may not be sure if your drinking or use is really “a problem.” However, if you found your way here, that shows me you’re looking for a change.

People will always judge; however, it’s important to know that addiction is often misunderstood. Your current struggles don’t have to define your present or your future. Throughout our work together, I will help you find who you really are and make choices that honor what you really want.


I don’t know who I am without drugs.

I understand that it seems as though everything in your life revolves around substances. You may be preoccupied with triggers, urges or certain rituals. Instead of identifying with your whole, true self, you may feel defined by your addiction.

Therapy is an incredible opportunity for self-exploration. Let’s figure out who you are and identify the story you want to share with the world. I will give you the skills, resources and knowledge to become the person you envision yourself to be.


I am afraid to change.

There is no question that change is difficult, but something brought you to this moment. Instead of looking at the big picture, which is often times overwhelming, we will start with small steps. We will take each piece at a time.  

When clients come in for substance abuse treatment, they often feel like they’ve been carrying a giant boulder on their shoulders. They feel a sense of despair, and they have no idea how to alleviate themselves of such a heavy burden. When we are working together, we’ll dismantle that boulder stone by stone, so you no longer feel so overloaded. Then, you can find empowerment and relief.


You Can Live A Healthy, Sober And Fulfilled Life

You do not have to struggle with your addiction alone. I encourage you to call me at (814) 329-5304 for a 15- to 30-minute consultation. I welcome any questions or concerns about my approach to substance abuse recovery.

I can Help

I believe that counseling is a personal endeavor and should be tailored to you and your goals.

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